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Authors Name Dr. K. N. Dhumal , Dr. B. P. Shinde , Dr. H. S. Patil , Dr. B. M. Gaykar , Dr. K. S. Bhosale , Dr. K. N. Gaikwad
ISBN 13 9789389533927
Publisher Nirali Prakashan
Edition First
Pages 155
Language English
Publishing Year Nov-19

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1. Introduction to Plant Physiology,
2. Diffusion,
3. Osmosis,
4. Plasmolysis,
5. Plant growth And Growth Regulators,
6. Structure of Plant Cell,
7. Plant Cell Wall,
8. Plasma Membranae,
9. Structure And Functions of Chloroplast, Mitochondria And Endoplasmic Reticulum,
10. Cell Cycle Plants,
11. Introduction to molecular Biology,
12. Structure of DNA,
13. Watson Crick Model of DNA,

14. Packing of DNA into Chromosomes,
15. Structure And Types of RNA,
16. DNA Replication,
* References,
* Pattern of University Exam Question Paper,
* Model Question Paper,
* Question Bank

About the Book :

The books of Botany published by Nirali Prakashan for F.Y. B.Sc students of Savitribai Phule Pune University are highly popular and are always remained at the top compared to other publications since the annual pattern, semester pattern and now in credit based choice system.

This book of Sem II Paper II. BO-122 : Principles of Plant Science includes “Plant Physiology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology”. It is also written keeping the same tradition. All the topics are written in a highly simplified manner and explained with maximum, well labeled neat diagram. Each chapter is having points to learn, points to remember and exercise. This will help the students for the preparation of final examination. All the sources and reference books referred while writing this book are acknowledged by the authors.

Reading this book is just like the journey through various botanical aspects. The students will feel it as an exciting Academic excursion. We are confident that the topics in this book can be easily understood by our first year students if they have a “Learning attitude”. This will help to change you their destiny.

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Semester 2 (First Year – FY)


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