Authors Name Dr. M. R. Gidde , Dr. R. K. Lad
ISBN 13 9789389108361
Edition First
Pages 151
Language English
Publishing Year Aug-19

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Module I : Introduction                                                                                                                              (4 Lectures)

Environment and its components, importance of water, role of environmental engineer, sources of water, water demand: Design flow, design period, design population, factors affecting water consumption, variation in demand, and design capacity for water supply components, quality of water: Physical, chemical, biological characteristics, Indian standard for quality of potable water.

Module II : Treatment of Water                                                                                                                 (6 Lectures)

Conveyance of raw water: Canals and pipelines, hydraulics of conduits, laying and jointing of pipelines, testing of pipe lines, designing of rising main, type of valves, types of pumps, intake structure, types of intake structures, necessity of water treatment processes.

Types of Treatments:

Aeration: Necessity, methods, removal of taste and odour, design of aeration fountain.

Sedimentation: Suspended Solids, settling velocity, types of sedimentation tanks, surface loading, detention time, inlet and outlet arrangements.

Coagulation:  Necessity, coagulant dosage, choice of coagulants, optimum pH

Rapid Mixing: Necessity, gravitational, mechanical, pneumatic devices

Slow Mixing and Flocculation: Design of flocculation chamber, mean velocity gradient, design of clari-flocculator, plate settler and tube settler

Filtration: Theory of filtration, filter materials, types of filters, components, working and cleaning of filters.

Disinfection: Theory of disinfection, factors affecting, efficiency of disinfection, types of disinfectants, break point chlorination, bleaching powder estimation.

Water Softening Methods: Lime-soda, ion exchange method, demineralization.

Module III : System of Water Supply                                                                                                          (4 Lectures)

Continuous and intermittent system, type of distribution systems, layouts, methods of supply: gravity, pumping and combination, hydraulic analysis of distribution system.

Module IV : Treatment of Waste Water                                                                                                      (6 Lectures)

Sources of wastewater flows, components of wastewater flows, wastewater constituents, characteristic of municipal waste water, necessity of treatment of waste water, sewerage systems, concept of sewage, sullage, storm water, introduction of preliminary treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary or advanced treatment fundamentals of anaerobic treatment, sewage and industrial waste of common origin, types, collection and recycling and reuse of waste.

Module V : Treatment of Solid Waste                                                                                                        (3 Lectures)

Types, sources, characteristics, ill-effects of improper solid waste management, collection, processing techniques, methods of treatment of solid waste-composting, incineration, pyrolysis and sanitary land filling. biodegradable, non-degradable segregation of solid waste, concept of hazardous waste management, e-waste disposal.

Module VI : Air Pollution                                                                                                                           (3 Lectures)

Definition, sources of air pollution, types air pollutants, atmospheric stability, mixing heights, plume types and meteorological parameters, effects of air pollution, control measures of air pollution.

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