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Edition Third
Pages 125
Language English
Publishing Year May-15

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Practical 1 : To study the classification with reasons of the following (D) Phylum Protozoa – Amoeba, Euglena and Volvox Phylum Porifera – Sycon, Hyalonema and Euspogia 1.1 – 1.9
Practical 2 : To study the classification with reasons of the following (D) Phylum Coelenterata – Hydra, Physalia and one coral Phylum Platyhelminthes – Tapeworm, Planeria and Liverfluke
Practical 3 : To study the classification with reasons of the following (D) Phylum Aschelminthes – AscarisPhylum Annelida – Ubifex, Leech and Neries
Practical 4 : Culturing of Paramoecium (E)
Practical 5 : Study of live Paramoecium (E)
Practical 6 : Study of external characters, binary fission and conjugation in Paramoecium (D)
Practical 7 : Study of external characters and digestive system of Earthworm (E)
Practical 8 : Study of reproductive (male and female) system of Earthworm (E)
Practical 9 : Study of nervous system of Earthworm (E)
Practical 10 : Earthworm mounting – Septal nephridia, setae and spermatheca (E)
Practical 11 : Study of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell with the help of suitable material (D)
Practical 12 : Study of temporary preparation of different mitotic stages from onion root tip cells (E)
Practical 13 : To study the classification with reasons of the following (D) Hemichordata – Balanoglosus , Urochordata – Doliolum/Salpa , Cephalochordata – Amphioxus
Practical 14 : To study the classification with reasons of the following : Cartilaginous fishes – Any two – Sphyrna, Scoliodon and TrygonBony fishes – Any two – Labeo, Catla and Hippocampus Amphibia – Any three – Ichthyophis, Salamander, Toad.
Practical 15 : Study of external characters, sexual dimorphism and digestive system of Frog with the help of model / charts (D) 15.1 – 15.5
Practical 16 : Study of brain of Frog with the help of model / chart (D)
Practical 17 : Study of monohybrid ratio and dihybrid ratio by providing hypothetical data and deducing applicability of Mendelian laws (three examples of each ratio) (E)
Practical 18 : Preparation of culture media and maintenance of Drosophila culture
Practical 19 : Study of Drosophila : External characters and sexual dimorphism (D)
Practical 20 : Study of Drosophila mutants (any two eye and any two wing mutant) (D) 20.1 – 20.3
Practical 21 : Study of genetic traits in human beings (tongue rolling, widow’s peak, ear lobes, colour blindness and PTC tasters / non-tasters) (E)
Practical 22 : Study of normal human karyotype from metaphase chromosomal spread picture (E)
Practical 23 : Study of blood groups in human (ABO and Rh) (E)
Practical 24 : Study of any three-cell organelles from electron micrographs (D)
Practical 25 : Compulsory visit to vermiculture unit / biodiversity spot / ZSI / large water body (E)
Note : Minimum 18 practical are to be performed by the students.

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