Advanced JAVA Programming SPPU (E & TC SEM 6) | A. A. Puntambekar, Santosh B. Dhekale | Technical Publications

Authors Name A. A. Puntambekar, Santosh B. Dhekale
ISBN 13 9789355850133
Publisher Technical Publishers
Edition 2ND
Language English
Publishing Year 2023

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SPPU TEXT / Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering / TE – SEM VI – ELECTIVE – II
Unit I    Applet

Applet Basics – Introduction, limitations of AWT, Applet architecture – HTML APPLET   tag – Passing parameter to Appletget, Document Base and get Code Base, Japplet : Icons and Labels Text Fields Buttons, Combo Boxes , Checkboxes, Tabbed Panes, Scroll Panes, Trees : Tables. (Chapter – 1)

Unit II   Event Handling using AWT / Swing Components

Event Handling : Events, Event sources, Event classes, Event Listeners, Delegation event model, handling mouse and keyboard events, Adapter classes, inner classes. The AWT class hierarchy, user interface components – labels, button, canvas, scrollbars, text components, checkbox, checkbox groups, choices, lists panels – scroll pane, dialogs, menu bar, graphics, layout manager – layout manager types – boarder, grid, flow, card and grib bag.

(Chapter – 2)

Unit III    GUI Programming

Designing Graphical User Interfaces in Java, Components and Containers, Basics of Components, Using Containers, Layout Managers, AWT Components, Adding a Menu to Window, Extending GUI Features Using Swing Components, Java Utilities (java.util Package) The Collection Framework : Collections of Objects, Collection Types, Sets, Sequence, Map, Understanding Hashing, and Use of Array List and Vector. (Chapter – 3)

Unit IV  Database Programming using JDBC

The Concept of JDBC, JDBC Driver Types and Architecture, JDBC Packages, A Brief Overview of the JDBC process, Database Connection, Connecting to non-conventional Databases Java Data Based Client/server, Basic JDBC program Concept, Statement, Result Set, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement, Executing SQL commands, Executing queries. (Chapter – 4)

Unit V     Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

Remote Method Invocation : Architecture, RMI registry, the RMI Programming Model; Interfaces and Implementations; Writing distributed application with RMI, Naming services, Naming and Directory Services, Setting up Remote Method Invocation – RMI with Applets, Remote Object Activation; The Roles of Client and Server, Simple Client/Server Application using RMI. (Chapter – 5)

Unit VI    Networking

The package, Connection oriented transmission – Stream Socket Class, creating a Socket to a remote host on a port (creating TCP client and server), Simple Socket Program Example. InetAddress, Factory Methods, Instance Methods, Inet4Address and Inet6Address, TCP/IP Client Sockets. URL, URLConnection, HttpURLConnection, The URI Class, Cookies, TCP/IP Server Sockets, Datagrams, DatagramSocket, DatagramPacket,                 A Datagram Example. Connecting to a Server, Implementing Servers, Sending EMail, Servlet overview – the Java web server – The Life Cycle of a Servlet, your first servlet.

(Chapter – 6)

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