BASIC STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE (First Year (FY) B.Sc. Cyber and Digital Science – Semester-1)

Authors Name Dr. P.G. Dixit
ISBN 13 9788119116034
Publisher Nirali Prakashan
Edition First
Pages 356
Language English
Publishing Year Sep-23

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Unit-I: Basic Tools for Looking at the Data
1. Data Condensation and Graphical Methods
2. Measures of Central Tendency
3. Measures of Dispersion
Unit-II: Moments and Shapes of Distributions of Data
4. Moments
5. Skewness and Kurtosis
Unit-III: Basic Tools for Looking at Relationships (Bivarivate Data)
6. Correlation
7. Regression Analysis
Unit-IV: Basics Ideas of Probability
8. Theory of Probability
9. Conditional Probability and Bayes’ Theorem
Unit-V: Categorical Count Random Variables and Corresponding Probability Models
10. Random Variable
11. Mathematical Expectation (Univariate)
12. Standard Discrete Distributions
Unit-VI: Continuous Random Variables and Some of the probability models
13. Continuous Uniform Distribution
14. Exponential Distribution
15. Normal Distribution
Unit-VII: Basic Ideas of Statistical Testing of Hypothesis
16. Statistical Inference
(The Idea of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis)
Unit-VII: Large Sample Test
17. Large Sample Tests
18. Tests Based on t and F Distribution
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