BUSINESS MATHEMATICS (Computer Applications) Semester 2

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Authors Name A. V. Rayarikar , Dr. P. G. Dixit
ISBN 13 9789389686425
Publisher Nirali Prakashan
Edition Third
Pages 184
Language English
Publishing Year Apr-2023

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1. Ratio, Proportion and Percentage

Ratio – Definition, Continued Ratio, Inverse Ration, Proportion, Continued Proportion, Direct Proportion, Inverse Proportion, Variation, Inverse Variation, Joint Variation, Percentage, Computation of Percentage.

2. Profit and Loss

Terms and Formulae, Trade discount, Cash discount, Problems involving cost price, selling price, Trade discount and cash discount. Introduction to Commission and brokerage, Problems on commission and brokerage

3. Interest and Annuity

Interest, Compound interest, Equated monthly Installments (EMI) by interest of reducing balance and flat interest methods and problems.
Ordinary annuity, sinker fund, annuity due, present value and future value of annuity.

4. Shares and Mutual Funds

Concepts of Shares, face value, market value, dividend, brokerage, equity shares, preferential shares, bonus shares, examples and problems, Concept of Mutual Funds, Change
in Net Asset Value (NAV), Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Examples and Problems.

5. Matrices and Determinants

Definition of Matrices, Types of Matrices, Algebra of Matrices, Determinant, Adjoint of Matrix, Inverse of Matrix, System of Linear equations, Solution of System of Linear Equation by adjoint method (upto 3 variables only).

6. Linear Programming Problems

Concept of LPP, Formulation of LPP and solution of LPP by graphical method.

7. Transportation Problem

Concept of Transportation Problem, Initial Basic Feasible Solution, North-West Corner Method (NWCM), Least Cost Method (LCM), Vogal’s Approximation Method (VAM).

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Semester 2 (First Year – FY)


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