Authors Name Dr. Meenakshi A. Thalor
ISBN 13 9789389108125
Edition Second
Pages 196
Language English
Publishing Year Aug 2020

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  1. Basics of JavaScript Programming

1.1     Features of JavaScript.

1.2     Object Name, Property, Method, Dot Syntax, Main Event.

1.3     Values and Variables.

1.4     Operators and Expressions – Primary Expressions, Object and Array Initializers, Function Definition Expression, Property Access Expressions, Invocation Expressions.

1.5     If Statement, if…else, if..elseif, Nested if Statement.

1.6     Switch… Case Statement.

1.7     Loop Statement – for Loop, for…in Loop, while Loop, do…while Loop, continue Statement.

1.8     Querying and Setting Properties and Deleting Properties, Property Getters and Setters.

  1. Array, Function and String

2.1     Array – Declaring an Array, Initializing an Array, Defining an Array Elements, Looping an Array, Adding an Array Element, Sorting an Array Element, Combining an Array Elements into a String, Changing Elements of an Array, Objects as Associative Arrays.

2.2     Function – Defining a Function, Writing a Function, Adding an Arguments, Scope of Variable and Arguments.

2.3     Calling a Function – Calling a Function With or Without an Argument, Calling Function from HTML, Function Calling another Function, Returning the Value from a Function.

2.4     String – Manipulate a String, Joining a String, Retrieving a Character from given Position, Retrieving a Position of Character in a String, Dividing Text, Copying a Sub-string, Converting String to Number and Numbers to String, Changing the Case of String, Finding a Unicode of a Character – charCodeAt(), fromCharCode().

  1. Form and Event Handling

3.1     Building Blocks of a Form, Properties and Methods of Form, Button, Text, Text Area, Checkbox, Radio Button, Select Element.

3.2     Form Events – Mouse Event, Key Events.

3.3     Form Objects and Elements.

3.4     Changing Attribute Value Dynamically.

3.5     Changing Option List Dynamically.

3.6     Evaluating Checkbox Selection.

3.7     Changing a Label Dynamically.

3.8     Manipulating Form Elements.

3.9     Intrinsic JavaScript Functions, Disabling Elements, Read Only Elements.

  1. Cookies and Browser Data

4.1     Cookies – Basic of Cookies, Reading a Cookie Value, Writing a Cookie Value, Creating a Cookies, Deleting a Cookies, Setting the Expiration Date of Cookie.

4.2     Browser – Opening a Window, Giving the New Window Focus, Window Position, Changing the Content of Window, Closing a Window, Scrolling a Web Page, Multiple Windows at Once, Creating a Web Page in New Window, JavaScript in URLs, JavaScript Security, Timers, Browser Location and History.

  1. Regular Expression, Rollover and Frames

5.1     Regular Expression – Language of Regular Expression, Finding Non-matching Characters, Entering a Range of Characters, Matching Digits and Non-digits, Matching Punctuations and Symbols, Matching Words, Replacing a the Text using Regular Expressions, Returning the Matched Characters, Regular Expression, Returning the Matched Characters, Regular Expression Object Properties.

5.2     Frames – Create a Frame, Invisible Borders of Frame, Calling a Child Windows, Changing a Content and Focus of a Child Window, Writing to a Child Window, Accessing Elements of another Child Window.

5.3     Rollover – Creating Rollover, Text Rollover, Multiple Actions for Rollover, More Efficient Rollover.

  1. Menus, Navigation and Web Page Protection

6.1     Status Bar – Builds a Static Message, Changing the Message using Rollover, Moving the Message along the Status Bar.

6.2     Banner – Loading and Displaying Banner Advertisement, Linking a Banner Advertisement to url.

6.3     Slide Show – Creating a Slide Show.

6.4     Menus – Creating a Pull-down Menu, Dynamically Changing a Menu, Validating Menu Selection, Floating Menu, Chain Select Menu, Tab Menu, Pop-up Menu, Sliding Menu, Highlighted Menu, Folding a Tree Menu, Context Menu, Scrollable Menu, Side Bar Menu.

6.5     Protecting Web Page – Hiding your Code, Disabling the Right Mouse Button, JavaScript, Concealing   E-mail Address.

6.6     Frameworks of JavaScript and its Application.

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