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Authors Name Prof. (Dr.) Sunil S. Jalalpure , Shailendra S. Suryawanshi
ISBN 13 9789354518676
Publisher Nirali Prakashan
Edition First
Pages 231
Language English
Publishing Year Jan-23

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1. Drug Discovery and Development
2. Drug Design and Bioisosterism
3. Development of Therapeutic Agents from Traditional Herbal Medicines
4. New Perspectives in Discovery of Drugs from Herbal Medicines
5. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
6. Virtual Screening Techniques
7. Informatics
8. Databases
9. Molecular Docking Techniques
10. Molecular Modelimng and Mechanics
11. Network Pharmacology in Drug Development
12. High-Throughput Screening Techniques
13. In-silico Drug Likeness Prediction of Phytochemicals
14. Computer Aided Prediction of ADMET Properties of Phytochemicals
15. Virtual Screening of Anti-Diabetic Medicinal Plants

About the Book :

The proposed book title is dealing with “Computer Aided Drug Design of Phytochemicals” which covers various techniques of Computer Aided Drug Design and its applications in discovery and design of bioactive compounds from herbal medicines or medicinal plants. It is an essential reference for students and researchers involved in drug design and discovery from plant sources.

The proposed textbook “Computer Aided Drug Design of Phytochemicals” covers major curriculum and syllabus from Pharmaceutical Sciences. This book provides guidance
and solutions on computational tools for discovery and design of drugs and therapeutics from plant source and phytochemicals to the research scientist, research scholar, faculty,
undergraduate and post graduate students of Pharmacy. The book also covered the curriculum from different subjects of M. Pharm. program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
Pharmacognosy, and Pharmacology. It also covered curriculum from “Medicinal Chemistry- III” of B. Pharm. VI Semester and “Computer Aided Drug Design” of B. Pharm. VIII Semester.

This book is written with an intention to incorporate all the information with regard to various computational and drug design tools. According to the knowledge of authors, it is
first and single textbook which provides all the relevant information on various computer aided drug design tools and its applicability to phytochemicals and their drug repurposing.
The present textbook composed of 15 chapters and each chapter covers various aspects of drug design tools and at the end of each chapter we have also incorporated important

The first chapter covers process of Drug Discovery and Drug Development, Phases of Drug Discovery and Development, Steps involved in Modern Drug Discovery, Lead Discovery
Methods along with Advanced Technologies and tools in Drug Discovery and Development.

The second chapter covers Introduction to Drug Design, Ligand Based Drug Design and Structure Based Drug Design and information about Introduction to Bioisosterism.

The third chapter deals with Introduction about Natural Products as Source for Development of Therapeutic Agents along with Discovery and Development of Therapeutic Agents from
Plant Source. It also highlights about Current Issues in Development of Modern Medicines from Traditional Herbal Medicines, List of Therapeutic Agents Developed from Plant Source.

The fourth chapter incorporated with lot of information on Current Approaches of Drug Discovery from Herbal Medicine, information about Systems Pharmacology and Drug
Discovery from Herbal Medicine.

The fifth chapter covers various aspects of Quantitative Structure – Activity Relationship.

The sixth chapter deals with about Virtual Screening Techniques like Drug Likeness Screening, Pharmacophore Mapping, Pharmacophore based Screening, Virtual Screening for the discovery of bioactive natural products and Applications of Virtual Screening in Natural Products Drug Discovery.

The seventh chapter covers various methods of informatics including Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics.

The chapter number eight covers various types of databases used in drug discovery process like, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and ADMET databases.

The chapter number nine deals with various tools and basic concept of Molecular Docking.

The chapter number ten mainly deals with concept and applications of Molecular Modeling.

The chapter number eleven covers the techniques and application of Network Pharmacology.

The chapter number twelve covers informative aspects of High-Throughput Screening.

Chapter number 13 illustrates the importance of drug likeness score in discovery and development of therapeutics. It covers various strategies and approaches in determination of drug likeness of selected phytochemicals.

Chapter number fourteen deals with computational prediction of selected phytochemicals for its ADME determination.

Chapter number fifteen deals with the virtual screening of Anti-Diabetic Therapeutics from Medicinal Plants.

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