ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY 1 – For First Year Degree Course in Engineering – Semester 1 – As Per University of Mumbai (MU) Syllabus

Authors Name Dr. (Mrs.) Trupti S. Paradkar
ISBN 13 9788194253822
Publisher Nirali Prakashan
Edition Fourth
Pages 176
Language English
Publishing Year Jan-2023

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Degree Engineering – Bachelor of Engineering – First Year F.E – Semester 1 – University of Mumbai – New Syllabus – 2019/20

Module 1 : Atomic and Molecular Structure
Atomic orbitals (s,p,d,f) orbital shapes, Electronic Configuration, Molecular orbital theory (MOT), bonding and anti-bonding orbitals, Molecular orbital diagrams of Homonuclear and Heteronuclear diatomic molecules – Be2, O2, CO, NO , their bond order and magnetic properties.

Module 2 : Aromatic systems & their molecular structure
Define Aromaticity, Huckel‘s rule, Structure and bonding of benzene and pyrrole.

Module 3 : Intermolecular Forces & Critical Phenomena
Ionic, dipolar and Vander Waal‘s interactions, Equations of state of real gases and critical phenomena.

Module 4 : Phase Rule – Gibb’s Phase Rule
Statement of Gibbs‘ Phase Rule, Terms involved with examples, One Component System (Water), Reduced Phase Rule, Two Component System (Pb-Ag), Advantages and Limitations of Phase Rule.
Numerical problems on Phase Rule.

Module 5 : Polymers
Introduction: Definition- Polymer, polymerization, Properties of Polymers – Molecular weight (Number average and Weight average), Numerical problems on molecular weight, effect of heat on polymers (glass transition temperature), Viscoelasticity,Conducting Polymers, Classification-Thermoplastic and Thermosetting polymers; Compounding of plastic, Fabrication of plastic by Compression, Injection, Transfer and Extrusion moulding, Preparation, properties and uses of PMMA and Kevlar.

Module 6 : Water
Introduction – Impurities in water, hardness of water- units (no conversions), types and numerical problems, determination of hardness of water by EDTAmethod and numerical problems.Softening of water by Ion Exchange process and numerical problems, BOD, COD- definition, significance and Numerical problems. Water purification-membrane technology- Electrodialysis, Reverse osmosis, and Ultra filtration.

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