Principal Stress and Principal Planes – Chapter 2 eBook – Strength of Materials

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Authors Name Rajendra Bade
Publisher Nirali Prakashan
Pages 34
Language English
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2.1 Introduction 2.1
2.2 Principal Planes and Principal Stresses 2.1
2.3 The State of Stress at a Point 2.3
2.4 Mohr’s Circle 2.4
2.4.1 Rules for Drawing Mohr’s Circle 2.5
2.5 Transformation Equations 2.17
2.5.1 To find Normal Stress and Shear Stress on any Given Plane
Through a Point if State of Stress at the Point is Given 2.17
2.5.2 To Prove that Sum of Normal Stresses on Two Perpendicular Planes is a Constant 2.18
2.5.3 To Find Principal Stresses and Principle Planes and to Prove that
Angle Between Two Principal Planes is 90° 2.19
2.5.4 To Find Maximum Shear Stress at a Point and Corresponding Planes,
If State of Stresses at the Point is Known 2.21
2.5.5 To Prove that Angle Between a Principle Plane and Plane Carrying
Maximum Shear Stress is 45° 2.22
2.5.6 To Find ‘tmax’ in Terms of Principal Stresses 2.23
2.5.7 State of Simple Shear 2.23
2.6 Relation Between Young’s Modulus and Shear Modulus 2.31
• Summary 2.32
• Exercise 2.34

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