RELIABILITY THEORY AND SURVIVAL ANALYSIS (Undergraduate and Post Graduate Statistics Courses – BSc, BA Statistics)

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Authors Name Dr. Sandesh Kurade , Dr. P. G. Dixit
ISBN 13 9789354515361
Publisher Nirali Prakashan
Edition First
Pages 191
Language English
Publishing Year Apr-23

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1. Structural Properties of Coherent System
2. Reliability of Coherent Systems
3. Reliability Data and Related Inference
4. Ageing Properties
5. Censoring and Non-parametric Estimation of Survival Function
Sample Question Papers I and II

About the Book :

This book is intended for a one semester course in Reliability Theory and Survival Analysis for undergraduate and post-graduate students in Statistics. The various chapters cover the syllabus content of this paper under the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). This book also covers the introductory parametric and non-parametric analysis of survival data.

Reliability theory mostly useful in Engineering problems for finding the probability of functioning of system. Survival analysis is used, when the random variable of interest is the life time or occurrence of an event related to life. For example, lifetime of an individual after diagnosed by a certain disease. This book is written in such a manner that students may develop their interest in this field and may find it useful to pursue their studies.

Basic concepts and proofs of theorems are explained in as lucid a manner as possible. Considerable attention is devoted to solutions of problems. Nearly 60 problems including those with applications to engineering field, biomedical field etc. are worked out in various chapters. In addition to large number of illustrations, exercises at the end of each chapter are also given.

Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are devoted to Reliability theory and chapter 4 and 5 devoted to Survival analysis. We are sure that the students and the faculty will find this book very useful.

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