C++ programming Bible (SECOND HAND BOOKS) | AI Stevens, Clayton Walnum | IDG BOOKS

Authors Name AI Stevens, Clayton Walnum
ISBN 13 8126500050
Publisher Self Published
Edition 1st
Pages --
Language English
Publishing Year 2001

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Reference Textbooks – Engineering
Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introducing Linux
Chapter 2: Installing Linux
Chapter 3: Configuring hardware for Linux
Chapter 4: Exploring the KDE desktop
Chapter 5: Surfing the web
Chapter 6: Touring the Linux file structure
Chapter 7: Handling files
Chapter 8: Working in a Linux office suite
Chapter 9: Creating graphics
Chapter 10: Playing sound and video
Chapter 11: Using the Linux shell
Chapter 12: Scripting for the shell
Chapter 13: Extending your Linux system
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