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ISBN 13 9789388384537
Pages 16
Language English
Publishing Year 2020

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Early Readers / Educational
When I Feel Impatient – Baby Dragon is in a hurry to grow up and breathe fire. Mum tells him why it cannot be so. However, Baby Dragon is impatient and puts himself in danger. Read about how Baby Dragon learns about patience the hard way, in this book which is part of a 12-volume series. The colourful illustrations, discussion points, questions and answers and fun facts make this book about Patience a fun read for the child. The other titles in this series of When I feel Impatient are available here: When I Feel Set of 12 titles

Note for Parents and Educators:
When I feel Happy is a series of 12 books that help the child explore the different feelings that he or she experiences every day in different ways. Each book has a story featuring a feeling or an emotion which the child can easily recognize, understand and feel. The story also features a unique character and an enjoyable narrative that makes it fun for the child to read. Designed with colourful, story-based illustrations, simple and clear text, each book has 16 pages to explain and discuss the feeling or emotion of being happy. Do read and reread the book with your child as each time there will unfold a new perspective to the emotion.

This book contains:
A short story
Synonyms to the emotion of feeling happy
Story-based discussions
Short situations
Questions and Answers

Fun Facts
Through these, the child can be led to explore each feeling, learn about the situations in which he or she could experience feeling happy and discuss how to deal in the best possible way with what happens after.

5 to 8 years
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