The Skylight Room and other Stories ( Unabridged Classics) : The Originals | OM BOOKS INTERNATIONAL

Authors Name O. Henry
ISBN 13 9789353763671
Publisher Om Books International
Pages 446
Language English
Publishing Year 2020

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About The Book : American author William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name br>o Henry (11 September 1862-5 June 1910), was a prolific short-story writer. Adept at handling comic and tragic themes, he used to great effect, both sentiment and surprise endings in his stories. Many of these trace the lives of ordinary new Yorkers who yearn for romance, passion and adventure, brilliantly capturing in the process The rhythms of American life at a time when slavery and the Indian Wars were a raw and recent memory. In his first book, he brought to life a colourful cast of characters whose stories unravel against a Honduran setting. This collection, featuring some of br>o br>Henry’s best stories—‘the gift of the Magi’, ‘the last leaf’, ‘the Skylight room’, ‘a municipal report’ and ‘the making of a new Yorker’ – showcases his mastery over the medium and the sheer range of his themes.
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